About Me

Who I am

I am a Freelance Photographer and Digital Artist. On this site, I show my work to the world.

As a self-taught photographer/digital artist, I thrive on interpreting my ideas about our world and other worlds beyond our solar system. My love of sci-fi stories, history, politics, science, and current events has influenced my work. I enjoy creating images that exist nowhere on this planet but within my mind.

My photography documents the world around me. As I travel, I capture unique images that cross my path — building a library of images that cover a wide range of topics and subjects. I take great joy in the serendipity of coming across visually pleasing images and capturing them.

My digital art begins on a blank electronic canvas and expands layer upon layer. While my landscapes often remind viewers of places they recall, there is usually something intentionally otherworldly in my work.

The ultimate satisfaction comes from integrating all of these elements into my art.
I go by my gut intuition. Perspective is critical in my work. The themes I explore are sci-fi, fantasy, surrealism, abstracts, conceptual art, water, skies, clouds, and atmospheres.
My current work investigates the themes of environmental devastation, surrealistic landscapes, and green issues.

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